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Gaming is a rapidly growing market for touch technology. As the casino industry continues to expand, gaming machines are also migrating to newer, more sophisticated technology. Interactive gaming designers have found that touch allows the user to concentrate on the activity presented on the screen without having to coordinate the hand-eye movements of an input device. The intuitive nature of touch complements the selection-based activity required by interactive gaming systems. And a touchscreen's flexible interface allows users to play multiple games on one machine and gives software developers more freedom to develop creative games with unique payoffs and bonuses.

Gaming touch technology are sensitive enough to respond to a very light touch from a finger, soft stylus, or gloved hand, yet sturdy enough to be unfazed by dirt, scratches or cigarette ash and can be sealed against liquid spills-so the game goes on.


SAW, Scap, Pcap, IR touch optional.

Wide temperature, operation temperature -20℃~80℃ optional.

Low power consumption, high efficiency, Lifetime 50000 hours.

Cost efficient, easy to install.


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