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Kiosks provide product information so customers can make a quick buying decision; they allow customers to complete self-service transactions; and they expand inventory reach by providing in-store access to online inventory and countless other customer interactions in retail settings. Touch-based systems are an integral part of the rapid growth of retail kiosk applications because the touch interface is universal and can be used by anyone regardless of language, education, or socioeconomic or cultural background.

Aplus developed 5.7’’~ 65’’ rear-mount touch monitors for kiosks are designed specifically for kiosk applications. With a custom-designed chassis and sealed bezel surface, versatile rear-mount touch monitors integrate easily into your kiosk design. The touch monitor can be mounted from its front or base, eliminating the need to specify and purchase brackets and supports. A countertop touch monitors and touch computers are perfect for a wide range of financial kiosk applications where cost, mobility, and flexibility are top criteria. Countertop/desktop displays can fit into 25-50% of the footprint of a freestanding kiosk enclosure. Interactive displays can easily be moved around to meet changes in floor space layouts. They come packaged in different form factors designed to be placed on existing fixtures such as shelving, countertops, or customer service desks.

Kiosk touch products are available with a host of touch technologies. Surface wave touch is the most widely used touch technology for kiosk applications which provided the superior optical and image quality along with resistance to scratches, breakage and vandalism. And Infrared touch technology is the best choice for outdoor kiosks that may be exposed to harsh weather conditions and may require the combination of watertight sealing, optical performance, and vandal resistance.



●SAW, Scap, Pcap, Resistive, IR touch optional.

●Wide temperature, operation temperature -20℃~80℃.

●Low power consumption, high efficiency, Lifetime 30000 hours.

●Cost efficient, easy to install.

●Sunlight Readable High Brightness optional


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