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In the fast paced world of transportation services, communication where transmitting information is vital for coordinating field operation. Whether it is for public safety, police car, fire truck, marine vessel, mining vehicles, military transporter, they all share common requirements: sunlight readable touch, wide operating temperatures, wide voltage, anti-shock and vibration.

Field vehicles’ communications have become critical part of a large information network during on-site operations. We realize the increase uses of fleet management application makes it important to have wireless rugged display on-board for operators to exchange valuable operating information.



Industrial Grade AD Board with Wide operation temperature -20℃~80℃ optional.

Industrial Grade TFT LCD Panel with Wide operation temperature -30℃~80℃ optional.

SAW, Scap, Pcap, IR touch optional.

Low power consumption, high efficiency, Lifetime 50000 hours.

Cost efficient, easy to install.


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