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      42'' Multi Touch Screen Open Frame Monitor with IR...

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      ●42''LCD Panel with 400nits,1920x1080 full HD,LED Backlight
      ●VGA,DVI,HDMI,AV input
      ●1000nits/1500nits High Brightness Sunlight Readable for outdoor application Optional
      ●IR Multi touch optional, SAW Touch and IR Single/Dual touch screen panel optional
      ●Widely use in Digital Signage,Gaming,Kioks,Gaming,Advertising

      32''Open Frame Widescreen Touch Screen Monitor wit...

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      ●32''LCD Panel with LED Backlight,450nits,1920x1080 Full HD
      ●IR Single,dual,multi touch screen optional
      ●VGA,DVI,HDMI,AV Input
      ●Sunlight Readable High Brightness Optional for outdoor applications,light sensor optional
      ●Widely use in Digital Signage,Gaming,Kioks,Gaming and all kinds of public and industry control area

      26''Widescreen TFT Industrial Open Frame Monitor w...

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      ●26'' TFT LCD Panel with 350nits,1920x1080 Full HD,LED Backlight
      ●Widescreen lcd panel with wide view angle for Advertising
      ●AD Board with Wide Operating Temprature Range, VGA,DVI,AV,HDMI,S-video interface
      ●SAW Touch screen(USB,RS232 Touch interface)
      ●Build-in SAW Touch screen for Interactive application

      24'' Touch Screen Industrial LCD Monitor with Open...

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      ●24'' TFT LCD Panel with 300nits,1920x1080 Full HD
      ●VGA,DVI,HDMI,AV,S-VIDEO Interface
      ●IR,SAW Touch screen optional
      ●1000Nits High Brightness Sunlight Readable LCD and Light Sensor Optional
      ●Widely use in Digital Signage,Advertising,medial player,Gaming,POS,Kiosk,ATM

      22'' Open Frame Industrial Touch Screen LCD Monito...

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      ●22'' TFT LCD Panel with 300nits,1680x1050 Pixles
      ●Dual signal interface with VGA & DV
      ●5 wire resistive touchscreen Solution for interactive application
      ●1000Nits High Brightness Sunlight Readable Optional,light sensor optional
      ●Supports rear side and standard VESA mounting of 75 x75mm and 100x100mm

      21.5'' Industrial Open Frame Monitor with Resistiv...

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      ●21.5'' TFT LCD Panel with 250nits,1920x1080 Full HD
      ●5 wire resistive touchscreen (USB,RS232 Touch interface),support all Windows and Linux OS
      ●1000Nits High Brightness Sunlight Readable LCD Optional
      ●Slim design of 28mm thickness
      ●Widely use in ATM,Kiosk,Gaming,POS,Digital Signage,Advertising